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Muvit For Change

Recycled and recyclable materials

Produits Muvit for Change Produits Muvit for Change

The event

Today, Muvit does its revolution

A leading brand that has understood that today, innovation and technologicalprogress can no longer be pursued at any cost.

The brand

Muvit is a 'reference' for mobility devices

The Muvit for Change brand

The statement

A fundamental idea, eco-friendly purchasing

The Muvit for Change manifesto

Our commitments

Today, in 2022, Muvit does its revolution

The Muvit for Change commitments

Muvit compromises

Muvit commits to donate a percentage of its revenues to associations certified by the 1% for the planet organization.

1% for the Planet is an international coalition of entrepreneurs promoting a new economy that cares about people and the planet.

Thanks to 1% for the Planet, nearly 1,300 member companies and certified associations are able to develop a real partnership and work together for the Planet.

As a result, Muvit has a clear idea of the environmental causes the brand supports and the real impact of its actions on the environment.

Muvit for Change for the planet
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Muvit For France

The first cases Made In France

Muvit For France products Muvit For France products

Relocation in France

A pioneering approach by Muvit in the service of an ambition


The choice of a short supply chain

  • Muvit For France production


  • Muvit for France packaging


  • Muvit for France assembly


Muvit for France relocation

Soft case


It ensures an optimal protection, a fancy design and perfect finishing touches

Flexible cases for France

3M shockproof case


3M shockproof case certified by Origine France Garantie.Reinforced corners and lateral shock absorption for an increased resistance.Durable, it will protect your smartphone against the most extreme falls.

Muvit for France shockproof cases