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Connected devices

For a smarter home

Produits Muvit iO Produits Muvit iO

Lighting, cameras, smart plugs for your home

Muvit connected devices

Discover our Muvit iO Universes

Lighting, Cameras and Smart plugs


Discover the connected bulbs Muvit iO

Control the brightness of your bulbs and adjust the colors to be more comfortable in your daily life

Muvit iO bulbs
Muvit iO LED strips

LED strips

Explore our range of flexible and multi-functional LED strips

The only limitation to the use of Muvit iO LED strip lights is your imagination.The LED strip light can be installed in any position, indoors or outdoors,for direct or indirect lighting. In the kitchen, staircase, bathroom, bedroom,living room, dressing room, patio, worktop, or on furniture,the LED strip light is also perfect for the patio, balcony or veranda.



HD Video day & night

Keep an eye on the house with the Muvit iO camera. Intelligent and connected, it combines high definition vision, live coverage and intercom for your peace of mind and security day and night.

Muvit iO cameras
Muvit iO smart plugs

Smart plugs

Control the activation of your devices and/or bulbs from anywhere

The smart plugs are a way to control and command your devices from outside your home.Very easy to operate, the Muvit iO smart plugs will reduce your energy consumption by controlling, for example, the lighting of your bulbs or your radiators from anywhere. An essential device for daily life!



Performance, simplicity and user convenience
  • Muvit iO,
    Muvit iO, our main brand

    A product for each need

    We developed Muvit iO with the idea of building a collection of connecteddevcices which create an ecosystem of products that can be controlled from the sameapplication
    « Muvit iO Home ».These devices satisfy different needs such as user convenience, energy saving and security.

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