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PC Accessories, video game console and Audio

PC Accessories

Complete Your Battlestation

No matter if you are a competitive or a casual gamer, complete your gaming setup with keyboards, mice, and more

Muvit Gaming PC accessories
Muvit Gaming video game console accessories

Gaming accessories

Dominate your parties

Equip yourself with must-have peripherals for Playstation and Switch, including controllers, protection, and chargers for the most fun gaming experience


Audio Accessories

Communicate clearly your instructions to your teammates

Whether you are playing on PC or video-game console, equip yourself with headsets that will give you the ability to hear your enemies approaching, your teammates voices, or music while communicating instructions without lags

Muvit Gaming audio accessories


Quality, simplicity, ergonomy
  • About Muvit Gaming
  • Muvit offers you the essential gaming accessories

    An ecosystem affordable to the largest number of people

    Muvit has improved its portfolio of gaming accessories,reaching the entire video console and PC market.

    With accessories that meet the essential needs of gamers, Muvit will be your ultimate partner while playing, charging, moving your video console or creating your PC setup, as well as offering one of the most affordable brands on the market