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High-Tech accesories

Protection and Energy

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Tiger Glass+ & Tiger Power

Tiger Glass+

Resistance & installation simplicity

Tiger Glass+ is the range of tempered glass that provides efficient and long-term protection for your entire screen

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Tiger Power

The high performance charging

Tiger Power is a range of products designed around performance and durability


Our commitments

Performance, Resistance and Lifetime Warranty
  • Tiger warrants the performance and durability of its products. For life.

    The ultimate brand for your accessories

    As we use it a lot, it is essential to protect our phone. Often very expensive,we also need to be able to use it throughout the whole day, and therefore have a permanent charge.

    Tiger will be your first ally to protect your entire phone and to keep it fully powered up as soon as necessary

    Tiger also provides charging capabilities for headphones and Apple Watch with its Tiger Power products.This means that Tiger Power is a complete range that will help you to charge your devices in any situation,whether they are wired or wireless, plugged into a jack or on a Powerbank.

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